Review Process

The manuscript submission and peer review process is broken down into the following steps:

  1. The Author submits a manuscript.
  2. The Assistant Editor assigns a Sponsoring Editor to act as Review Editor for the paper.
  3. The Sponsoring Editor assigns Referees.
  4. The Referees review the manuscript and send reports back to the Sponsoring Editor.
  5. The Sponsoring Editor makes a decision and notifies the Review Committee
  6. The Review Committee deliberates on the Manuscript and contacts the Sponsoring Editor of its decision
  7. The Assistant Editor then contacts the author.

Notice for Referees:

When invited to serve as a referee, the referee will receive an e-mail stating so. When manuscripts are available, Sponsoring Editors will send its basic information to the referees.   

The referees may either agree to referee the assignment or to decline it.

If a referee accepts an assignment and after notifying the Sponsoring Editor of his/her acceptance, an electronic version of the manuscript will be emailed back to the referee for review.

If the referee declines an agreement, the referee is free to and highly encouraged to suggest any potential referees and to comment on any observations made on the topic of the paper.

After Agreeing to Referee:

Referees typically, based on standard criteria as shown in an attached rubric, recommend for or against publication, but often they recommend acceptance depending on any specific revisions needing to be made. Usually a referee requires six to eight weeks to evaluate a manuscript. 

Recommendation of a Manuscript:

If the referees recommend publication, the Sponsoring Editor will present the paper to the Review Committee, which is composed of all the Advisory Board. This committee reviews the referees' reports and relevant correspondence, considers the merit of the paper (subject, length, difficulty, potential audience, quality (literary and scholarship) and usage of references (sources)), and then decides whether the paper fits into the general plans of the journal.

The Review Committee takes great care in the process of determining the approval of the paper and on occasion may approve a Manuscript contingent that certain revisions are made or additional reading is obtained. It is up to the Assistant Editor to convey any necessary changes to be made to the author. 

For more details on the Referee and Reviews Commitee criteria of assessment, please follow the rubric in the Review Form.