Volume No. 1

Issue No. 1

Summer 2011

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1. Editors' Welcome Greeting

2. News from Contributors and Partners

3. Central and Inner Asian Studies

4. Central and Inner Asia in Your Community

5. Regional Highlight

            - Spotlight on the Teleut

6. Perspectives from Central/Inner Asia

            - A Kazakh Student Looks Back

7. Outstanding Personalities

            - Muhammed Ali

8. Selections of Translations

            - "Chinor" (The Chinor Tree) by Muhammed Ali

9. New Publications

10. In Memoriam

            - Pirimqul Qodirov, Tölögön Kasïmbek, Urkash Mambetaliyev

11. Call for Papers


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Mission Statement

JCIAD News is an annual supplement to the annual Journal of Central and Inner Asian Dialogue (JCIAD). As such it has the same mission as JCIAD: to create an ongoing dialogue between scholars and advanced students in the West and in Central and Inner Asia and thereby enriching the scholarship in the fields of Central/Inner Asian Studies. The emphasis is on the historical and cultural aspects of the region such as the arts, languages and literature.