Volume No. 2

Issue No. 1

Winter 2015

Print ISSN: 2330-6602. Online ISSN: 2330-6610.

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Words of Wisdom and Advice


     The following manuscript prefaces the Journal of Central and Inner Asian Dialogue (JCIAD)’s new section, “Words of Wisdom and Advice.”  This new addition to the journal’s three existing sections (Articles, Translations and Book Reviews) brings attention to a Central and Inner Asian Turkic literary genre that is little-studied yet deserving of more focus.   With this second volume of the JCIAD being thematically inspired by Uzbekistan’s declaration of 2015 as the “Year of Respect for the Elders,” and dedicated to Central and Inner Asian elders in general, the editors deemed it an appropriate time to introduce the section.   

A Historical Overview of Turkic Wisdom Words by Alva Robinson

     Ортолук жана ички Азиа Түрктөрдүн көбүнчө ата-бабаларынын салтарына коңул бурушат.  Илгертен, көчмөн жашоо сүргөн кезде, бул элдер жүгүнө жүк кошуп тарых жана моралдык баалуулуктарды сактоо үчүн деп жанында китеп ташып жүрүшчү эмес, мунун ордуна карыялар алардын жандуу китептери болгон.  Ошондуктан, улуу мурасын бир муундан экинчи муунга оозеки түрдө өткөрүп берген ата-бабаларыбыздын салымы өтө зор.

Key Terms: Elders and Wisdom Words; Orkhon Inscriptions; Central and Inner Asian Turks; Tonyukuk, Kül Tegin; Kutadgu Bilig



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Mission Statement

 The mission of "The Journal of Central and Inner Asian Dialogue" is to advance the scholarship of junior scholars and students from Central and Inner Asia by emphasizing the historical and cultural aspects of the region such as but not limited to the arts, languages and literature of its peoples and to engage them in a first-rate academic dialogue with the larger academic community.