The Journal of Central and Inner Dialogue (JCIAD)  is committed to shaping and expanding the field of Central/Inner Asian  Studies and thereby encourages reviews of art, articles, books, music and other compositional works.   Reviews serve as an important means of cultivating a diverse range of perspectives while engaging current conversations in the field.  JCIAD especially encourages the reviews of original works from Central and Inner Asia. 

Goals of Reviews: 

  • Book reviews should evaluate the arguments of the book/article and not merely summarize it.
  • Reviews should provide a critical discussion of the book/article’s thesis, structure and style that places the text within the context of scholarly literature
  • Should be well written, concise, lively and engaging
  • Should not contain ad hominem or personal attacks

Considerations for Writing a Review

  • The persuasiveness of the author’s thesis, originality and theoretical framework
  • The coherence and clarity of author’s presentation and style
  • The soundness, accuracy and thoroughness of scholarship
  • The relevance and effectiveness of source material in terms of the book/article’s larger aims
  • The book’s place within and contribution to debates in a field of body of literature
  • The audience for the book would be most appropriate
  • The clarity and effectiveness of the author’s  use of footnotes, endnotes and bibliography
  • The effectiveness of the inclusion of charts, maps, illustrators and other visuals


The heading of the review should contain the following format: Book Title. Author. City of Publication: Publishing Company, Date. # pages. $ Price.

Submissions of reviews should be in soft copy form using Microsoft Word.

Length of Reviews

Please contact the Book Review editor to determine an appropriate length for the review at

Other Reviews

Parties interested in reviewing books and other compositional works for the journal should contact the Book Review Editor at