Academic and Cultural News From Turkmenistan

Conference on the Works and Life of
Turkmen Poet Azadi (1)

The international conference “Dovletmammet Azadi and the Life of Turkmen People in the
XVIII Century” was held this past May in Ashgabat. The forum was organized by the National
Institute of Manuscripts of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan. Researchers from the
U.S., Russia, Italy, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Korea, Indonesia, China, India,
Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Algeria, Jordan, Libya, Syria, Egypt,
Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Spain, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Tajikistan and Uzbekistan attended the three-day conference that began on May 14th.

The conference was intended to promote the in-depth study of the spiritual heritage of the
Turkmen people as well as to identify new sources and scientific information concerning the
life and work of one of the greatest Turkmen poets and philosophers of the XVIII century,
Dovletmammet Azadi, who founded the Etrek-Gurgen school of Turkmen classical literature.

In his welcoming address to the participants of the conference, President Gurbanguly
Berdimuhamedov noted that the XVIII century went down in history as a time full of hardships
and severe blows for the Turkmens in terms of science, culture and human values. The
great humanistic appeals of Dovletmammet Azadi raised a powerful alarm awakening the
Turkmen spirit by turning to literature that united the people.

Turkmenistan Celebrated Day of Revival,
Unity and Poetry of Magtymguly (2)

On May 18th, Turkmenistan celebrated two national holidays - The Day of the Constitution
of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan and The Day of Revival, Unity and Poetry of
Magtymguly, symbolizing the triumph of peace and prosperity, national unity and cohesion.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov sent a congratulatory message to his compatriots.
“This year marks the 20th anniversary of the adoption of our country’s Constitution, the main
law of national legislation. The desire of our people to build a democratic, secular state is legally enshrined in the main provisions and principles of the Constitution,” the message says.

“The Constitution of Turkmenistan and the wise appeals made by Magtymguly center on
complementary values that ensure an inextricable link between many generations and their unwavering integrity and solidarity. Magtymguly was a true patriot who dreamt of an underlying
unity and brotherhood for his people that would serve the basis for an immutable sovereign
Turkmen state. The great poet-thinker’s songs are an appeal for these humanistic values. His
immortal statements are perceived by our people as the spiritual guidance and rule of life.
Therefore our sacred duty is to preserve the main provisions and principles of our Constitution
reflecting our ancestors’ dreams of peace, independence and well-being while honoring the
humanistic and sincere precepts of Magtymguly Pyragy.”

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