Academic and Cultural News From Kyrgyzstan

School of Leaders, Non-Profit Youth Organization
Dedicated to Helping Develop Kyrgyzstan

School of Leaders, a non-profit youth organization founded by Kyrgyz students with the
aims of attracting citizens of Kyrgyzstan to perform community service, to volunteer and to
teach the importance of education, tolerance, and leadership for the development of Kyrgyzstan was formed July 15th, 2011.

Since its inception, School of Leaders has already led a number of community projects. A
“Clean & Fun” initiative was kicked off immediately after the group’s founding. The program
sent local high school students and leaders of the organization to clean up local hospitals,
streets and National Heritage spots like Kurort in the Jalalabat region. In the process, School
of Leaders has collected over 600 commitments from local students and community members
to continue fighting to keep the city clean.

School of Leaders has also put together free Summer English courses and conversation
clubs that would benefit students in Jalalabat. With six volunteers from alumni who have participated in exchange programs abroad like the Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) the organization was able to help forty five students improve their English skills. Held in downtown Jalalabat next to Mol-Mol Hotel, the course was offered three times a week with an emphasis English grammar, conversation, and vocabulary. In addition, course sessions were
also dedicated to instilling a firm understanding of leadership and tolerance.

With key members currently studying abroad during the academic year, School of Leaders
looks forward to reconvening in the summer with more projects dedicated to the development
of Kyrgyzstan. For more information on the organization or its activities, email Zafarbek
Sulaimanov at

(Zafarbek Sulaimanov, President, School of Leaders)

The 1st Annual Central Asian Literary Heritage Seminar:
The Life and Works of Mirzabek Toybayev

The Simultaneous Translation (ST) Club of the Simultaneous Translation Department of
the International Ataturk-Alatoo University (IAAU) recently hosted with the help from students
of Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University (KTMU) the 1st Annual Central Asian Literary
Heritage Seminar: “The Life and Works of Mirzabek Toybayev,” Thursday April 19th, 2012
in Konya Hall, IAAU.

The seminar, a student based initiative, is part of the Simultaneous Translation Department’s
efforts to connect the literary heritage of Central Asia with the scholarly and academic
aims of the International Ataturk-Alatoo University. Mirzabek Toybayev, National Playwright
and Writer of the Kyrgyz Republic and a former guest and admired friend of the university,
has spent more than fifty years (since his very first work in 1952) as a poet, playwright, and
prose writer. During that span, he has earned countless accolades and has accomplished the
rare feat of having been the first Kyrgyz author to have seven volumes of compositional works
published (Chingiz Aitmatov would later publish an eight-volume set in 2008). It was a great
honor to have the students and faculty welcome him and guests in assessing his contribution
to Kyrgyz and Central Asian literature and in presenting his plays and poems in English for
the very first time. For more information on the seminar or its program, please email (AR)